The authors

Some specialists belonging to the PEFMED project partners, CEOs of the pilot companies, stakeholders and testimonials write about findings and challenges detected during the implementation of the PEFMED.

To share views and strategies.

To help other stakeholders and agrofood clusters to approach a way for the evaluation of the environmental lifecycle performance of agrofood products.

To do synergies.

To go green!

Caterina Rinaldi

Researcher in ENEA, she is the PEFMED project coordinator.

Valentina Fantin

Researcher in ENEA, she is the PEFMED technical officer.

Cristian Chiavetta

Cristian Chiavetta works for ENEA, he supports the PEFMED partners in carrying out the PEF studies and is in charge of the PEF of wine in Italy.

Maurizio Notarfonso

Maurizio Notarfonso works at Federalimentare, the Italian National Association of Agrofood Industries.

Valerio Miceli

Since 2002 he is a researcher in ENEA Brindisi dealing with polymeric materials and their rheological characterization.

Fotini Salta

Fotini Salta of SEVT is the responsible for EU projects and for the National Technology Platform “Food for Life”.

Marco Meggiolaro

Marco Meggiolaro works at Euris srl – European Researches & Investments Services – he is the PEFMED’s project manager.