Spanish magazine Retema reviews the PEFMED project

“Between the years 2016 to 2019, more than a hundred companies, together with specialists in the production of the agri-food industry, analysts and manufacturers associations have cooperated under PEFMED to encourage the development of this environmentally innovative initiative”

Scientific magazine RETEMA, the first Technical Journal of Environment in Spain, published an article about the PEFMED project. The journal in its issue No. 212 February 2019, hosts an extensive report on the project , and in particular, it focuses on the two Spanish pilots: Argal and Oleocampo.

Argal, founded in 1914, is a meat processing company located in Navarra, at the foot of the Pyrenees, in one of the regions with deep-seated traditions in the production of salamis. On this journey towards sustainability, the meat manufacturer has adapted its manufacturing model to reduce the consumption of resources and plastics. Their involvement in the PEFMED project has served as a seed to encourage them to go further and proceed to identify their carbon and hydric footprint and inform consumers through a new labelling, providing added value to the final consumer.

Oleocampo is based in Torre del Campo (Jaén) and it harvests 95 million kilos of olives each year and produces six million kilos of olive oil. Seeking  to guarantee the sustainability of a sector that lives in cohesion with the rural world, the company has already accelerated its production of renewable energies through the use of olive stones as a raw material in its boilers.

The full article written in Spanish can be read here.

Marco Meggiolaro

Marco Meggiolaro works at Euris - European Researches & Investments Services - in Padova since 2005 as project manager.

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