PRIMA, Mediterranean “first”

Thousands of years of cultural exchanges, as well as the global challenges, are today the common ground for research and development in Mediterranean agrofood

Put applied research in the core of Mediterranean agriculture.

This is the scope of PRIMA, the joint research and innovation programme to develop innovative solutions for improving the efficiency and sustainability of food productions and water provision, in order to support an inclusive well-being and socio-economic development in the Mediterranean Area, within the framework of a reinforced Euro-Mediterranean co-operation

PRIMA can currently count on the participation of 19 Euro-Mediterranean countries, including 11 EU-countries (Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain) and 8 non-EU countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey).

For thousands of years, the Mediterranean has been the crossroad of knowledge . Nowadays, undergoing important political and social changes linked to demographic trends, urbanization, food crises and natural resource degradation are characterizing the Mediterranean basin.  The sustainable production and provision of an adequate quantity and quality of food and water in the Mediterranean Area are seriously threatened by the erosion of natural capital, human pressures, water scarcity and climate change.

The challenge is pooling together brains, knowledge and network of excellence to uptake “smart” arid / water scarcity areas, providing food job opportunities and competitiveness, for young entrepreneurs and women, while preserving the eco-systems

What about the possible connection with PEFMED?

According to Maurizio Notarfonso of Federalimentare “being consistent with the priority 3 of the PRIMA strategic agenda, dedicated to reinforcing the Mediterranean agrofood value chain, PEFMED could find important synergies with the PRIMA projects and – in particular – with the economic poles of North Africa, to support an inclusive well-being and socio-economic development in the Mediterranean Area” .

Marco Meggiolaro

Marco Meggiolaro works at Euris - European Researches & Investments Services - in Padova since 2005 as project manager.

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