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PEFMED at the go!

9 agrofood regional systems concerned in PEF stress-tests!

6 national agrofood associations supporting PEF-oriented innovation!  

100 Agrofood companies receiving ecoinnovation and market intelligence support!

Numbers not always describe the magnitude of one initiatives, but they are – of course – important.

PEFMED is the largest trasnational initiative ever carried out in the Mediterranean space to encourage a pool of companies from the Mediterranean agrofood regional systems belonging to Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and Slovenia to green their own production according to the new EU Product Environmental Footprint method (PEF), the unique next-generation method to assess the environmental performances of a product  during its lifecycle.

Between 2016-2019, hundreds of companies, LCA specialists, business analysts and national agrofood associations cooperate to foster targeted systemic ecoinnovation interventions within industrial clusters, raise the market value of PEF-compliant productions and galvanize the regional Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3) goals related to innovation in agrofood and industrial production.

Consumers are becoming more and more sensitive about the sustainability of the food production. Demand of greener products is increasing almost everywhere.

So entrepreneurs and agrofood stakeholders should be informed about the  fact that the PEF is rapidly becoming a game-change factor in the agrofood market and a irremissible way to stay competitive.

It is time to take action! And the PEFMED encourages actions based on real case studies.

Some specialists write about findings and challenges detected during the implementation of the PEFMED, to share views and strategies. To get informed. To help others to approach a way for the evaluation of the environmental lifecycle performance of agrofood products. To ask for help. To avoid mistakes. To do synergies. To go green!

Marco Meggiolaro

Marco Meggiolaro works at Euris - European Researches & Investments Services - in Padova since 2005 as project manager.

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