Feta cheese production – one of the most exported Greek food products – as a pilot in the PEFMED project.

“We will continue to develop all necessary actions to further increase awareness within the food sector on main environmental issues”

SEVT is the official body representing the Hellenic Food and Drink Industries at National, European and International level and one of its aims is enabling a business environment where companies can operate responsibly in order to respond to the increasing needs of consumers and society, by offering high quality, safe and environmentally friendly products. The association has already developed a database of environmental legislations which aim is to inform its members about the existing national and European laws.

SEVT role in the PEFMED project was to acknowledge information about the agro-food clusters posture and readiness under the light of the forthcoming EU environmental standards for agro-food production (PEF benchmarks & requirements). In order to do that, the Thessalian regional systems and supply chains of the dairy sector, which produce the internationally famous feta cheese, have been tested for the applicability of the new EU Product Environmental Footprints measuring methods. “The testing was successfully completed, we gathered useful information and suggestions for improvement and we will prepare a position paper for the European Commission” has declared Mr. Evangelos Kaloussis, president of SEVT.

Marco Meggiolaro

Marco Meggiolaro works at Euris - European Researches & Investments Services - in Padova since 2005 as project manager.

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