Dairy and PEFMED: the Slovenian case-study video is broadcasted

“ We expect that the results of the project will help us to become an even better dairy.”

Mlekarna Planika is a company established in 1995, producing dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and milk in the municipality of Kobarid, Slovenia. The company is located in the in the Upper Soča Valley situated within the Julian Alps, near the Italian-Slovenian border and it is 100% owned by the very same farmers which supply its milk. Being owned by farmers Mlekarna Planika has always been aware of the importance of high quality raw materials and that is why their milk only comes from local cows that pasture in the sorrounding mountains for almost three quarters of the year.

In the company DNA there is an attitude towards a sustainable development, working with the local community in order to provide the consumers a higher added value product, that is why Mlekarna Planika has organic and ecological production certificates. The participation of the company to the PEFMED stress tests in pursuance of becoming PEF compliant, has been a valuable experience for them, a chance to better walk the path of sustainability and minimization of environmental footprint, knowing that the average Slovenian consumer is getting more conscious of what happens during the production process.

Marco Meggiolaro

Marco Meggiolaro works at Euris - European Researches & Investments Services - in Padova since 2005 as project manager.

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