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This Blog is a space of discussion open to companies, researchers, innovators, policymakers and associations concerned by the issue of sustainability in the agrofood industry.

Currently there are hips of initiatives to promote innovative business model for the greening of the agrofood supply chain. Some are led by corporations. Some others are based on individual actions carried on by small and medium-sized companies. But technological and organizative innovations requires networking to be spread across business players and generate a real and positive environmental  impact.

What’s the PEFMED project

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One of this initiative is the PEFMED project, the largest trasnational action to encourage a pool of companies from 9 Mediterranean agrofood regional systems belonging to 6 Mediterranean Countries (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and Slovenia) to green the own production according to the new EU Product Environmental Footprint method (PEF).

In the next 2 years, hundreds of people will cooperate to foster targeted systemic ecoinnovation interventions within industrial clusters, raise the market value of PEF-compliant productions and galvanize the regional Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3) goals related to innovation in agrofood and industrial production.

How to speak loud about results? How to make the one’s company experience an inspiration for others? How to bring scientific results down to practice?

This Blog responds to this need: give voice to PEFMED players  to stimulate – by illustrated concrete case studies – a mind-change in traditional agrofood productions model towards PEF-compliant measures.

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